Hailee Steinfeld deals with heartbreak in vulnerable “Wrong Direction” video

Alexandre MoorsHailee Steinfeld has released the emotional new video for her breakup ballad “Wrong Direction.”

In the clip, we see Hailee in close-up as she sits in a bathtub with tears streaming down her face, as she wistfully reflects on a relationship that ended in heartbreak.

The song — which many speculated is a jab at her ex, former One Direction singer Niall Horan — touches on a partner’s massive ego and infidelity.  

“Looking back I probably should have known/But I just wanted to believe that you were out sleeping alone,” she sings on the track.

She also muses about not being able to reach her ex-lover’s ego despite “standing on my tiptoes,” before revealing, “Everyone thinks that you’re somebody else/You even convinced yourself.”

Hailee released the song on New Year’s Day.

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