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Governor Keeps Warner Creek Correctional Facility Open

LAKEVIEW, Ore– Governor Kate Brown told Lake County Commissioners in a meeting she was going to ,”Let the next Governor of Oregon make that decision.”  Members of the group were shocked. Some smiled, applauded, and almost couldn’t believe what the Governor said.

It was the presentation prepared by the commissioners in early April that changed the Governors mind. She described it as, “Incredible and thoughtful.”

When FMNews 101 KXL talked with Lake County Chair James Williams, he gave a big laugh ” I had to have a moment to play it back in my head to make sure I knew what i was hearing. We’ve all been through an emotional roller coaster.”  Williams knows for sure everyone in the community wants to work really hard at creating new business opportunities in Lakeview so everyone will have other places of employment.  The idea is  to make the county viable both with railroads improvements other industry plus keeping the prison green so it isn’t put on the chopping block again.


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