Good girl gone bad: Watch Camila Cabello’s cinematic new video for “My Oh My”

ABC/Image Group LACamila Cabello gets another chance to show off her acting chops in the elaborate video for her single “My Oh My,” featuring rapper DaBaby.  The video’s theme is inspired by a line in the song: “I swear on my life that I’ve been a good girl/Tonight, I don’t wanna be her.”

The video starts with Camila in a Marilyn Monroe-type wig and dress, starring in a black-and-white film called The Damsel in Distress.  She storms off the set, removes her wig and complains to the studio bosses that they never let her play the hero.

Without her wig, Camila then goes out on the town, where she meets a budding film director, played by DaBaby. He takes her to a party at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, where Camila dances up a storm.

Then, Camila spots a poster on the wall for one of her movies, titled Helpless Victim, grabs a nearby Japanese sword and slashes the poster to ribbons.  A photo of her doing it ends up in the paper with the headline, “How bad can a good girl get?” 

DaBaby shows up at the studio with Camila and announces she’s leaving to come and make movies with him.  The bosses are happy to see Camila go.

DaBaby then casts Camila in a new, full-color film called La Bonita Blade, where she gets to play the hero and slice and dice bad guys left and right, Kill Bill style, with her Japanese sword.

“My Oh My” is the latest single from Camila’s album, Romance, which also features her smash Shawn Mendes duet, “Señorita.”

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