Apple TV+Kelly Clarkson even knows how to rock a fictional morning show stage. The singer makes a guest appearance on the newest episode of Apple TV+’s The Morning Show.

In an episode sneak peek posted on Entertainment Weekly, we see Kelly performing her song “Heat” in front of the studio audience as Jennifer Aniston’s Alex Levy and Reese Witherspoon’s Bradley Jackson watch off stage.

At one point, Kelly calls the newly-minted Morning Show anchor Bradley to join her on stage. “You are a truth-teller, Bradley Jackson,” Kelly tells her. “You’re honest, I love you and I stand with you.”

As Bradley dances with Kelly for the rest of the performance, we see a bunch of network executives discussing how, since Bradley became a part of the show, they’ve been growing steadily with a younger audience.

The first three episodes of The Morning Show are on Apple TV+ now.  The fourth episode debuts Friday.

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