Source: YouTube

We know after watching “The Greatest Showman” that Zac Efron CAN sing!  But now eighteen years after he made girls swoon as Troy Bolton in “High School Musical”,  we find out he did NOT sing in that movie.  Why?  Short answer: we don’t know. That was actually Drew Seeley singing as Troy Bolton in the original. Seeley actually did audition for the role of Troy, but figures he didn’t land the part because he was 6 years older than Vanessa Hudgens. He also said Efron was an amazing actor and great in the role, so they made the right choice.

As for why they didn’t use Efron’s singing voice, that’s still a mystery!  Seeley says he was never told by Disney why they used his voice instead of Efron’s. And YES, it IS Efron singing in the second and third “High School Musical” movies. Sooo….weird.