Sherwood, Ore. – A firefighter was hurt after falling from a ladder Saturday morning in Sherwood. The firefighter from Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue suffered minor injuries. Crews were called to the home because the homeowner inside, fell throw a hole in the ceiling to the floor below. They were also taken to the hospital. No word on the homeowner’s condition.

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Just after 0800 this morning firefighters were called to a residence in Sherwood for an emergency medical call. Firefighters treated a patient on scene who had sustained injuries after falling through the ceiling inside the residence. Firefighters remained on scene after the patient was transported to assist the homeowners with securing a hole inside the residence. While on scene a firefighter who was working off a ladder fell from the ladder, sustaining minor injuries. That firefighter was treated on scene by firefighters, and then transported to a local hospital for evaluation. The firefighter who was transported is in stable condition.  No further information will be released about the firefighter or the homeowner that was injured.