Portland, Ore. — Thursday morning, at approximately 10:30 a.m., Portland Fire responded to a reported apartment fire located at 2500 N Williams Ave. The initial call indicated a resident reporting a fire within their apartment. Within four minutes of dispatch, the first responding crews arrived and observed no visible signs of fire on the building’s exterior. Occupants had already evacuated, and fire alarms were sounding.

Firefighters entered the building and discovered smoke on the third floor. They initiated a search to locate the source of the fire. Initial assessments noted low heat accompanied by dark smoke. Crews prioritized a rescue operation, systematically checking each room to assess the need for evacuation or shelter-in-place. The commanding Chief called for a second alarm, summoning additional fire resources and a medical strike team in preparation for potential multiple victims, totaling approximately 100 firefighters and paramedics responding.

As the fire grew within the third-story apartment and breached the exterior wall, a sprinkler activated in the hallway. Concurrently, occupants were being evacuated, and fire attack lines were deployed. Crews continued searching the affected floor and the one above to evaluate evacuation requirements and the extent of damage. By 10:46, the fire was under control, enabling swift smoke ventilation. Some tenants could remain in their apartments as the investigation began. Several occupants were assessed for potential smoke inhalation injuries, but no transports to the hospital were necessary.