Ahead of the release of her new single, “Women’s World,” Katy Perry is slipping some hints about her new album into an ad campaign she’s starring in.

Katy has partnered with Denon to promote its new PerL True Wireless earbuds, which create a custom hearing profile based on the unique hearing response of the listener’s ears. In the ad for the product, set to Katy’s upcoming single, “Women’s World,” she’s seen leaving the studio and enveloping herself in a cloud of sound. As she walks down the street, she encounters other people who are all inside their own personal clouds of sound, thanks to the earbuds.

According to Denon, the ad is “is peppered with hints teasing Katy’s forthcoming album.” It’s not clear what those hints are, though there are definitely some words and phrases that you can see written on walls and objects that jump out.

At a Denon-sponsored fan Q&A, Katy said of the earbuds, “They sound so good, and I’m a stickler about sound. I’ve mixed my record already, and you can hear every little sonic thing – a pop and a break and a reverb.”

As for her new music, which she described as “dance pop,” she said that her single “Women’s World” is “exactly how I feel right now. I feel really empowered. I feel really grounded. I feel really fearless. And I haven’t always felt that way.”

“Right now, I really feel in tune with my feminine divine. After having my child, something changed. And that is power, and I’m utilizing that power right now,” she added. “I hope everyone can feel that.”

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