Fantasy meets reality: ‘Altered Carbon’ star Will Yin Lee spills super-soldier secrets

Netflix(NEW YORK) — In the far future world of Altered Carbon, there are arguably no more intimidating characters than the Envoys, a black-clad, red-eyed, heavily armored group of elite super-soldiers. 

Playing one, however, leaves one feeling a bit less intimidating, laughs star Will Yun Lee. He tells ABC Audio of the process of gearing up: “The suits are amazing. You know, you feel like a superhero, right, when you get up to the neck part. And then once they put on the helmet, it’s literally you are you’re just kind of a blind bat.”

He recalls, “One of the scenes in…season one, where I go and meet my sister again…for the first time, I mean, I got this gun and I’m walking down the halls and I’m literally bumping into walls.”

He laughs, “So if you see the outtakes, you literally see the way you like a clumsy Stormtrooper. I’m literally walking into everything.” 

Poor eyesight aside, Lee reveals the suits did afford one very necessary creature comfort: unlike other super suits in the world of movie magic, the costume designers of Altered Carbon mercifully included built-in fans to cool the actors, and a hidden hatch which allows its Envoys to answer the call of nature. 

Season 2 of Altered Carbon stars Anthony Mackie as the “new” Takeshi Kovacs, as well as Lee, Renée Elise Goldsberry, and Simone Missick.

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