Clackamas, Ore. – A story you’re hearing first on Fm News 101 this morning.  Some Shoppers were freaking out at Clackamas Town Center last night around 6 o’clock, when they had to be evacuated . KXL’s Rosemary Reynolds says panic and fear set in with reminders of the 2012 Mall shooting.


Stephanie Hunt was trying on pair of jeans when she could hear some kind of alarm going off. She stopped what she was doing and walked into the mall where she could see stores closing and someone saying everyone needs to leave now. Stephanie and other customers some half dressed waited outside for 15 minutes, that seemed like forever. When they could finally go back into the mall, she understood there was a grease fire at the Cheesecake Factory but there wasn’t. Clackamas County Sheriff’s and fire never responded to the mall. Clackamas Town Center Security tells KXL it was a “false alarm” and there was “no fire.”