Clackamas County, Ore – New details in two suspicious deaths east of Estacada. The medical examiner says both victims died from “homicidal violence.” They were 42-year-old Stacy Rickerd and 43-year-old Jeremy Merchant both from Estacada. Their bodies were found at a gravel pit used for recreational shooting, just off highway 224, about five miles east of the Promontory park Campground, early Monday morning. Detectives are still investigating and want to hear from anyone who may know more.

That gravel pit was also the site where a wildfire was started by gunfire about five years ago, The Pit 36 Fire. You can still see the burned trees when you drive by.

We’re also learning more about the dog that was found with the two victims. His name is “Talladega.” Deputies and investigators devised a unique plan to safely capture Talladega when they first encountered him at the crime scene. Deputies flew the CSI team’s four-prop drone nearby to distract the dog while slipping a catch-pole around the animal’s neck. One deputy on-scene described him as a “sweet dog,” and he appears to be unharmed. Talladega was initially transferred to Clackamas County Dog Services, and has since been placed with family members of the deceased.