Photo Cr: Matt Kennedy/CBS ©2019 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved(SAN DIEGO) — It was raining movie and TV show trailers at Comic-Con over the weekend, but one that’s generating a lot of buzz is the first look at Star Trek: Picard, the forthcoming CBS All Access series featuring the return of Sir Patrick Stewart as former USS Enterprise Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Set some 20 years after the events of 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis, the last film to feature the Picard Enterprise and its crew, Star Trek: Picard features a world-weary former captain who’s retired to his family’s ancestral vineyard in France, assuming the life of a winemaker. He’s also clearly a legend, due to some unspecified actions of his years before.

“Sometimes I think you’ve forgotten who you are,” an unidentified Vulcan woman declares.  “We do not.”

But the arrival of a mysterious young woman whose life he must protect draws Picard out of retirement, into danger and, of course, back into space.

The Star Trek: Picard trailer also features appearances by familiar characters, including the merciless, villainous Borg, Jeri Ryan as Star Trek: Voyager character Seven of Nine, and even Commander Data, the android again played by Brent Spiner — though the 70-year-old actor’s made to look decades younger, thanks to some artful CGI.

Former Star Trek: The Next Generation actors Marina Sirtis and Jonathan Frakes, aka Counselor Deanna Troi and Captain Will Riker, are also expected to make appearances on the series, with perhaps more familiar faces to come.

Star Trek: Picard, also starring Michelle Hurd, Alison Pill, Isa Briones and Santiago Cabrera, debuts on CBS All Access in early 2020.


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