(LOS ANGELES) — Ellen DeGeneres is a fixture on daytime TV, but she says the day she finally ends her show, it’ll be either because she’s stopped having fun, or because people are just plain sick of her.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday, Ellen explained that she’ll know when to hang it up “when people kind of are tired of me, and I think I’ll sense that.”

But she then added, “You know, I’ll walk away, really, when I stop having fun. I actually don’t care about the rest of the people. If I’m having fun and no one’s watching, I don’t care. But if I’m not having fun and everyone’s watching, then I should walk away.”

Meanwhile, Ellen recently returned to standup with her Netflix comedy special Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable, which is streaming now.  But as she told ET, she “almost gave the money back [to Netflix] twice” before she did it.

“I made the deal before I had anything to say. And then, once I made the deal, I panicked,” she admitted.  She says it took her “like a year and a half” to finally come up with the material.

“And then, all of a sudden, it all hit me. I was like, ‘Oh my God, I have something to say!'” she recalled. “And the name [of the special] came to me and the whole thing. But it was scary as hell.”

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