Today is National Ketchup Day, and in honor of the occasion, ketchup’s #1 fan, Ed Sheeran, has debuted his new collaboration with Heinz.

You may recall that in April, Ed shouted out to Heinz on Instagram to tell them he had a great idea for a new ad for their ketchup; last month, he announced that a project with the company was “happening.” Now, he and the brand have teamed up to create the “Perfect” product: “Edchup.”

The condiment looks just like a bottle of regular ketchup, except it has the word “Edchup” on the label — and the tomato that’s usually pictured on the label has glasses and red hair.

You can actually buy your very own bottle of “Edchup” now online, while supplies last, via; it costs five bucks per bottle.

Fans know how much Ed loves Heinz ketchup: He even has the logo tattooed on his arm. According to Heinz, since 2014, one-third of Instagram posts with the @Heinz handle have either mentioned or tagged Ed.

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