Ed Sheeran & wife spotted vacationing in Venice, Italy

Mark SurridgeWhere in the world is Ed Sheeran?  Living La Dolce Vita in Italy with his wife, apparently.

At the end of December, Ed announced that he’d be taking a break from the spotlight and social media to “travel, write and read.”  Now, the U.K.’s Daily Mail has photos of Ed enjoying a glass of wine in a bar in Venice, Italy with his wife, Cherry Seaborn.  He and Cherry were also spotted strolling around the Italian city hand-in-hand a few days ago.

Venice may be just one stop in Italy for Ed and Cherry: In 2017, he told Vanity Fair that he’d just purchased a property in Italy.  He wouldn’t reveal where it was, but locals believe he has a place in the town of Paciano [pah-cee-AH-no], in the province of Perugia [peh-ROUGE-jee-yah].

Ed has promised to return with new music, once he’s “lived a little more to actually have something to write about.”  Meanwhile, he’s changed the profile pic on his socials to “BRB” — “Be right back.”

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