Dwayne Johnson Tells Taylor Swift He Want to “Sing a Duet” With Her After “The Man” Cameo

Dwayne Johnson truly is “The Man.” Not only did the Hollywood star lend his hunky voice to Taylor Swift’s new music video for “The Man,” but he now says he’s ready to lend his voice to a joint track with her. “My pleasure to voice THE MAN,” Johnson tweeted at Swift after the visual dropped on Thursday. “Next we sing our duet. You bring the guitar; I’ll bring the tequila.” He also commended Swift for the single’s “great message about women’s equality and the importance of straight-up being kind and good to people.”

Swift had started their convo when she tweeted, “Just sitting here pondering how happy I am that ‘The Man’ music video is OUT…Gotta thank @TheRock for voicing ‘The Man’ and for being so supportive of my music for years (and now my directorial debut!)”