Dua Lipa’s fans defend her after strip club backlash

ABC/Image Group LADua Lipa found herself trending on Twitter on Tuesday, but not in a good way.

After Lizzo shared footage on her Instagram Story of herself, fellow Grammy-winner Rosalia and Dua making it rain in a strip club, the hashtag #DuaLipaIsOverParty started trending, with the singer facing criticism for, as one fan put it, “sexualizing women” and then “saying they are feminists.”

But Dua’s fans weren’t having it, and stormed Twitter to defend the singer’s choice of post-Grammy entertainment. The main thrust of their defense: By visiting a strip club and throwing money at the performers, Dua is supporting sex workers, rather than stigmatizing them, and that’s truly feminist.

Or, as one fan wrote,y’all do know that being a feminist means that you’re supporting ALL women including dancers and sex workers. y’all are really trying to find the littlest things, but sis remains unbothered.”

Other fans are upset about the “hypocritical” double standard being applied to Dua.

“so rappers or men can go to a strip club but not dua?? i cant see a problem in this video, y’all just really getting mad over anything !” wrote one fan.

“since when are women not allowed to go to strip clubs?” wrote another. “women supporting women is all i see here.”

“So it’s okay for rappers to talk about women, sex, drugs, violence, robbing and shooting but it’s not okay for Dua Lipa to go to a strip club?” noted another.

One fan stated simply, “If she wants to go to a strip clup and give these hardworking women her cash, let her. She is GROWN.”

Finally, one fan summed it up this way: “Dua Lipa is out here living her best life and y’all pressed over it.”

Dua herself has yet to respond.

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