Dr. Phil Calls People Disregarding Pandemic Guidelines “Selfish & Immature”

On Monday, Dr. Phil called people who refuse to follow self-isolating and social distancing guidelines are “selfish and immature.” The TV doctor appeared on TMZ Live to talk about the pandemic and related issues, particularly those who won’t stop cheating or having affairs. “It’s not just affairs, it’s anything… if they’re hedonistic and entitled, they’re just reluctant to give it up. And that’s so selfish and immature that they’re putting people at risk,” said Phil.

“Nobody wants to give up all their activities whether it’s illicit like that or… look, we’re all in this together and right now we have to be willing to make those kind of sacrifices.” Dr. Phil said that people who defy guidelines just can’t accept what’s happening. “They don’t want it to be true, so it isn’t true,” Phil concluded.