Source: YouTube

A guy having a heart attack at a restaurant ended up being the luckiest man in the room!

Eddy Montero was meeting his newest grandchild on a visit to see his daughters in Orlando, and they were out to dinner when he started to feel dizzy. He collapsed in the restaurant!  But he was lucky that a local physician and three of her residents were sittting at a table nearby and were quick to sprang into action! 

Dr. Nicole Brenner and her three colleagues all started treatment quickly once they assessed what was going on and turned the restaurant into a makeshift ER.  Dr. Brenner started CPR but her residents took over because she was 35 weeks pregnant. Montero said they were like “angels appearing before him,” saying they saved his life. 

Dr. Brenner agrees saying, “It just truly feels like we were meant to be there.”

In a full circle moment, one of the residents who helped on site ended up being the attending doctor while he recovered in the hospital.