Stranger Things star Joe Keery aka DJO has a big hit with his song “End of Beginning.” While fans all over the world love the song, Keery says he was shocked that one of the song’s early adopters was Taylor Swift.

Appearing on The Spout podcast, Joe talked about that moment back in June 2023 when he and Taylor were seen at the same New York recording studio. At the time, people thought they might be collaborating, but Keery says it was just a coincidence — both of them often use that studio.

“I just happened to be there the day that she was there. And she’s really nice. I mean, I’ve met her a couple of times,” he said. “She said, ‘Hey, I really love that track of yours, “End Of Beginning.”‘ So it’s kinda funny, but no, we’ve never made music together, but who knows? Maybe one day.”

As for how Taylor became familiar with the track, which was originally released in 2022 but didn’t become widely known until early 2024, Joe says, “She just said she had heard the song. And, you know, obviously I’m like, ‘What? You heard that song? How the hell did you hear that song?’”

“But she’s, like, a music lover and she’s also so hip to new music and things that are coming out,” he adds. “So I guess it’s not shocking to me because she’s a big fan of music and digs around and it somehow came across her desk and she listened to it and said that she liked it. Really nice of her.”

Asked what fans can expect from the final season of Stranger Things, Joe said, “Just insanity.”

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