Demi Lovato announces new series on Quibi mobile streaming platform

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagicNow that she’s performed at the Grammys and the Super Bowl, Demi Lovato is ready for her next boss move.  She’s teamed with the new mobile streaming platform Quibi for a new talk show, tentatively titled Pillow Talk with Demi Lovato

The 10-episode series will feature Demi and her guests — who’ll include both experts and celebrities — exploring a variety of topics, such as activism, body positvity, sex, relationships, wellness, gender identity and social media.

The show promises “candid, unfiltered conversations,” and Demi notes, “I’ve always considered myself someone that speaks honestly about issues that face my generation.”

“We’re excited to bring those frank conversations to a public forum, where people can have the opportunity to relate to the topics and guests, while finding room for laughter and learning,” she adds.

Quibi launches April 6. No word yet on when Pillow Talk itself will launch.

Quibi, which is short for “quick bites,” offers high-quality entertainment delivered to your phone in segments that run 10 minutes or less.

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