Great news as the country has been waiting to hear an update about Damar Hamlin. The Buffalo Bills safety collapsed on the field after a routine tackle during Monday Night Football, leading to the game being suspended. He suffered cardiac arrest and had to be revived twice according to family members.

But he did wake up from sedation and wrote a note to doctors asking if they won the game. One of the doctors, Timothy Pritts said, “The answer is yes, Damar, you won. You won the game of life. ” Hamlin is beginning to show “substantial improvement” in his recovery according to his doctors at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.  Pritts said Hamlin is still considered critically ill and that significant progress is needed. But his neurological condition appears to be intact.

Hamlin, 24, is able to move his hands and feet, the doctors said. He is unable to speak but was able to communicate in writing. Asking about the game was a sign to doctors that “not only the lights are on, but he’s home” and was a gratifying sign.

There is no definitive answer to what caused Hamlin’s cardiac arrest, and it’s still unclear if he’ll ever play again. As for the game, the NFL says they will not replay or resume that matchup.