Nineteen-year-old d4vd is best known for the songs “Here With Me” and “Romantic Homicide,” but he recently scored his first pop radio hit with “Feel It,” written for the animated superhero series Invincible. He tells ABC Audio he loved the show even before he was asked to do a song for it.

“A friend of mine suggested it to me,” he says. “I’m a fan of the TV show The Boys as well, and it’s superhero-based. So, Invincible was like, ‘O.K., I’ll watch it,” and it captivated me from the first episode.”

“So when the music supervisor reached out to me and was like, ‘Since you’re a fan of animation and superheroes, I want to see what you can do,’ I jumped on it so quick,” he adds.

“Feel It” sounds different from d4vd’s other songs, which range from indie rock to R&B — but he says that’s the key to gaining new fans.

“It’s such a blessing to be the artist that I am, and to have so many different genres,” he explains. “Because every time I drop a song that people aren’t used to …it kind of just opens the world of every single type of fan to be a fans of my music as well.”

d4vd is currently on a sold-out headlining tour, and he feels his live show has improved thanks to the experience he got last year opening for SZA, saying he “took so many notes.” 

“It’s just a much more fuller show experience,” he says. But the best part, he says, is seeing his fans singing his songs back to him.

“I mean, like, especially since where I started from, making music on my phone, and now so many people are interacting with it and relating to it and singing it back to me … it’s crazy!”

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