Curing Cabin Fever During Quarantine–What to Do

With so many states telling people to stay home to prevent spreading coronavirus, cabin fever can start to set in, especially for extroverts. “It involves a range of negative emotions and distress related to restricted movement: irritability, boredom, some hopelessness and even, behaviorally, restlessness and difficulty concentrating.” However, CNN has these tips for dealing with cabin fever.

  • Create a new routine. Keep as much of your regular routine in place as you can.
  • Mix it up. Move to different rooms and think about redecorating existing spaces.
  • Stay physically and mentally busy. Take a walk or catch up on a book you’ve been wanting to read.
  • Connect with others. Facetime relatives, join online groups and text friends.
  • Spend time alone. With kids and your spouse home, you might all need a little alone time.
  • Embrace uncertainty. Stay focused on the present and accept being uncomfortable about the situation sometimes.