Source: YouTube

An AP reporter in Paris found himself in a weird spot trapped at the top of the Eiffel Tower, but then got to witness a spontaneous engagement.  

AP reporter Pat Eaton-Robb did what reporters do and started capturing the moment in real time as it played out.  Amir Khan had a plan to propose to his girlfriend Kat Warren later that night with a romantic dinner on the River Seine and then stroll to a more secluded garden. But a guy tried climbing the Eiffel Tower and that became a police situation, leaving the couple, the reporter, and many other visitors stuck up there until it was resolved. 

“I figured we might be here longer than I imagined,” Khan told the reporter. “So I didn’t want to miss dinner and she always wanted to be proposed to on or under the Eiffel Tower. So I figured, ‘This is it, this is the moment.’”

She, of course, said “yes!”

Pretty great plan B, despite the circumstance of how they found themselves in the plan B!