NEWPORT,  Ore.–  On Saturday September 28th 2019 my father Hoang Tran went to Newport for his usual sailing trip and was last seen on the morning of Saturday September 28th 2019. He was supposed to return that night, but we haven’t heard from him since then. We have tried calling him on his cell phone, but it goes directly to voicemail. My mother and baby brother, age 8, are completely distraught and devastated. This is not like my father he is a counselor at Franklin High School in Portland Oregon. He always communicates with us with his whereabouts and always home at the time that he specifies. We believe he is lost at sea. We called the Coast Guard station in Newport, Oregon, and they searched for him from Sunday morning the 29th. Wreckage of what they believe to be my father’s boat has been found but no sign of my father. The search has been called off. We have tried everything we can do and have exhausted all our resources to find anyone with any information about his whereabouts or where he was last seen. We are asking for your help in finding him. His last known location was in Newport Oregon at the Embarcadero Marina 909 Southeast Moore Drive Newport OR 97365 at approx10 am-1pm . His boat was 26 foot 1965 Pearson model. Hoang is an outdoors man, approximately five foot five inches tall, average build about 145 pounds. A loving father of two children, and husband to my mother; they recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. He is Vietnamese American who fled Vietnam in 1975 along with his 7 brothers and 1 sister. He loves his community and is loved by his fellow students and teachers. He regularly organizes cultural events and volunteers his time to help his community. He loves his family very much and we miss him and would love him back. He is a people person who would always go out of his way to help another person whether or not it was difficult or inconvenient for himself and now he needs your help. My mother is inconsolable right now and has not stopped crying since this has all begun. We don’t know what to do if anything were to ever happen to my father. My brother is 8 years old and the thought of not having a father to help be a key role model to guide my brother in life is unthinkable. We are pleading with the community if anyone can volunteer their time to help us search for my father. He could still be alive on the sea or washed up on shore. We are seeking closure in order for our family to find peace going forward. Please if anyone has any information or would like to help by volunteering their time in searching my beloved father we would be forever in your debt. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and we urge you to please help us in our time of need.     Letter from daughter, Andrea Tran