Source: YouTube

Hundreds of people gathered to support a new sort of viral “superhero” who calls himself Cheeseball Man. A 22-year-old guy put on an orange ski mask and cape, and started putting up flyers around Manhattan. They were invitations to Union Square Park on April 27 at 3pm where they could watch him eat a whole container of cheeseballs. And people showed up. Hundreds…of people.


@cheeseballman427Let me know if you are coming♬ original sound – _hxtsunx_Mikx_fxnpagx

He hyped up the crowd with a speech and running around with a flag bearing his masked face on it…before getting to the main attraction: eating those cheeseballs. Of course, the crowd chanted “Eat those balls! Eat those balls!” Of course they did.


And they went NUTS as he gulped down the last cheeseball. Then declared he was going home to throw up. The hero we didn’t know we needed. He’s promising to do it again same date next year.