Atlantic RecordsAs he works on new music — for both himself and other artists like Katy Perry and rocker Ozzy OsbourneCharlie Puth is taking a look back at his debut album, 2016’s Nine Track Mind.

In a new interview with the Wall Street Journal, the singer/producer admits that album, which featured the single “Marvin Gaye,” was a flop creatively.

“That album… It hurts me,” Charlie says. “It was very rudimentary production, but it was me. [The album] was super rushed and didn’t feel like me at all.”

He says he wishes 2018’s sophomore effort Voicenotes had been his first album.

“But at the end of the day, this stuff really isn’t about me,” he admits. “If people really want to hear ‘Marvin Gaye,’ and I really don’t like that song at all, I’ll make an arrangement to make myself tolerate it just to make people happy. I’m happy to do that.”

Now, Puth’s focusing on his three recently released singles — “Cheating on You,” “I Warned Myself” and “Mother” — and finishing up his third album, which he says will be “more fun and less moody” than Voicenotes and feature surprising collaborations.

Charlie also co-produced Katy Perry’s singles “Small Talk” and “Harleys in Hawaii,” and worked on Ozzy Osbourne’s upcoming album. It’s all part of his plan to broaden his range, he tells WSJ, even if it means having less commercial hits. He’s even teased that a neo-soul project or country album could be next.

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