Charlie Puth is returning to The Voice as a team mentor next season.

Entertainment Tonight reports Charlie, who first teamed up with Alicia Keys on the show’s 11th season, will be joining his good pal Adam Levine’s team as a mentor for season 16.

“He’s mega-talented and he’s my friend and he’s cool and I love him,” Adam tells ET.

Charlie, who co-wrote the Maroon 5 song “Lips on You” on their most recent album Red Pill Blues, feels the same way about Adam.

“I would say all the same things, too. I genuinely mean that,” he tells ET. “What’s really awesome about Adam is that he has a great musical ear….He has a great idea of, like, who should be paired with who and makes great suggestions.”

In fact, the two are so close they even admit to sometimes stealing each other’s clothes.

“Half your stuff is at my house,” Adam says.  “And half your stuff is at my house,” Charlie replies.

But no matter how close Adam and Charlie are, it won’t change Adam and Blake Shelton’s bromance on the show.

“Nothing could ever get in the way of my love for Blake Shelton,” Adam says, then jokingly adds, “Sexual love for Blake Shelton… and hate. It’s kind of a cross in between both.”

The new season of The Voice — featuring Adam, Blake, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend — premieres February 25 on NBC.

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