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CDC Research Shows Majority of Nursing Home Staff Refuse COVID-19 Vaccines

New research shows a majority of nursing home staffers are refusing to get COVID-19 vaccines.

Residents of nursing homes and their caregivers are a top priority for COVID-19 vaccinations. But only 38% of nursing home staff accept shots when they’re offered, according to new research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Many raise concerns about vaccine side effects, or say they don’t want to be among the first to receive them.

“Obviously these vaccines are unique in that they were developed quickly, studied quickly,” says Dr. Rodney Anderson, with the Washington State Medical Association. The group of more than 11,000 doctors and medical students statewide, did its own independent review of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines leading to, he says, “Unanimous recommendation from our physicians that the benefits of these vaccines outweigh the risks.”

Though staffers resist, Nursing home residents have been much more accepting, with 78% receiving at least one shot.

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