Courtesy of Sony Pictures(LOS ANGELES) — Fans still upset about the financial impasse that was going to keep Spider-Man out of Marvel Studios’ cinematic universe are probably even more upset, as a result of some conflicting news about Spidey’s fate.

As you’ll recall, Disney-owned Marvel Studios had made a deal to share the character with Sony Pictures. As a result, Tom Holland’s Spidey appeared in Captain America: Civil War, and the last two Avengers films, and Marvel Studios’ president Kevin Feige got Sony’s Spider-Man films back on track with the massive success of Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far from Home.

Then, the deal fell apart over money — but Marvel stalwart Jon Favreau is still “cautiously optimistic,” according to Variety.

While at a recent conference, Favreau, who directed two Iron Man films, and starred in Homecoming and Far From Home, added, “I’m hopeful that there’s away for us all to play together going forward.”

However, at that same conference, Sony Pictures head Tony Vinciquerra stated flatly, “for the moment, the door is closed.”

Vinciquerra acknowledged it’s been “an interesting couple of weeks” hearing the fan outrage, and insisted there’s “no ill will” between the two studios — but he also sniped, “Kevin [Feige] didn’t do all the work.”

Sony is feeling confident in Spider-Man’s future without Marvel: The spin-off Venom earned more than $850 million worldwide, and the animated film Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, won an Oscar.

Vinciquerra insisted that “five or six” Spidey-related TV projects are in the works, in addition to feature films.

Stay tuned.

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