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Song of the Week

“Proposing Time”

Young Jeffrey sings his heart out to all his Valentine Fans and lets them know what Valentine’s Day is all about in this Song of the Week: Proposal Time.

“On You Tube”

Young Jeffrey celebrates the 11th anniversary of Youtube’s with his song of the week.


Wanna actually SEE what it looks like when Young Jeffrey cements his legacy in pop culture history?

“So We Had A Bad Game”

If you thought you were upset about the Seahawks’ recent loss in the playoffs, Young Jeffrey will show you that you don’t even know the worst of it during his song of the week.

“Gonna Be Me”

Young Jeffrey sings to the tune of “It’s Gonna Be Me” while talking about the righteous whooping the Seahawks will give Carolina during his song of the week.

“Goal Line King”

Young Jeffrey believes that Marshawn Lynch is the key to the Northwest’s happiness. Check out the song of the week!

“The North Pole”

Young Jeffrey is a better rapper than Jay Z at least he tries to be in his song of the week.