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Jubal Learns How To Floss

Intern Kialani is a trained hip-hop dancer and JUbal has always wanted an arsenal of sick hip-hop…

Cheese Of The Week: 18 Month Aged Gouda

This week’s cheese of the week is going to blow your mind!


Young Jeffrey Has Just What The Doctor Ordered For All Of Your Sick Co-Workers

Brooke’s Tuna Cam

Brooke brought 2 day old tuna that she transformed into a tuna melt with our work toaster…

Jubal Gets Serious About Fitness

Jubal saw your comments about how his belly looks in photos. In order to achieve his body…

Dry January: Week One Check-In

Here's How Lo Is Feeling After One Week Without Booze

Jubal’s New Hobby

Enjoy this compilation of a fun hobby of Jubal’s. Coughing loudly in public. Try it sometime. It’s…

Cheese Of The Week: Vampire Slayer

Shout out to Kat for this week’s Cheese Of The Week! I better not turn into a…

“Staying Home In Pajamas”

Young Jeffrey Says Its OK To Give Up On Your New Year Resolutions

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