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2nd Date Update

Eric & Cora

The woman in today’s Second Date works as a meter maid and is used to people not being happy with her, but the guy with whom she went on a date was INFATUATED with he

Jake & Kelly

One of our listeners believes he met the PERFECT woman for him.

Russ & Jessie

In today’s Second Date we talk to two daters who are both obsessed with fitness.

Josh & Camden

What’s the right thing to do after getting intimate with somebody for the first time? […]

Trevor & Jessie

Dates can get pretty elaborate. Rooftop dinners, helicopter rides, covering yourself with Nutella, we’ve heard […]

Melanie & Anthony

Anthony brought a third wheel along on his date with Melanie, his pet hamster, Einstein. […]

Todd & Dennis

Todd met a woman named Gina and while he doesn’t want a long term relationship […]

Lacey & David

They say that a sense of humor is one of the most attractive qualities a […]

Graham & Grace

Most of the mistakes you make as a kid are lessons you learn from. You […]