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Brooke & Jubal

Crazy Office Prank

Someone had an amazing idea for a crazy office prank and we got the inside details!

I Got Ur Evite

Coming up in your Phone Tap, Jubal calls a woman to tell her he’s super pumped about her birthday party

Care Or Don’t Care

We’re playing Care or Don’t Care! Young Jeffrey has a heaping pile of news stories and we need to determine if they’re really worth our VERY precious time.

Eric & Cora

The woman in today’s Second Date works as a meter maid and is used to people not being happy with her, but the guy with whom she went on a date was INFATUATED with he

90’s Time Traveler

Today’s Phone Tap victim thinks he’s calling a Hotel just to check-in, but Jubal is the concierge on duty.

Shock Collar (10-11-18)

Trivia with a twist! Can Brooke, Jubal or Jose answer this trivia question correctly? They better or they’re getting the shock of a lifetime!