Source: YouTube

Now this DOES have a happy ending, but a cat from Utah spent 6 days without food or water trapped in a box her humans accidentally shipped her in to the Amazon Returns Center in California. Carrie Clark says they looked all over for Galena their cat and even put up signs in the neighborhood. But one of Galena’s favorite hiding spots is cardboard boxes. 

She found her way into a big box with five pair of work boots that Clark packed up, dropped off, and returned to Amazon never knowing Galena snuck in. An Amazon employee named Brandy found her and immediately took her to a vet, got her food and water and found the microchip!

A few miracles were at play with the box being big and partially split open at one seam for air. The weather wasn’t too hot or cold, and Brandy actually rescues cats on the side so she knew what to do immediately.