Camila Cabello reveals her songwriting process and answers 72 other questions for ‘Vogue’

ABC/Image Group LADo you have a question for Camila Cabello? Well, Vogue has 73 of them, and asked them all in the latest episode of its “73 Questions” series.

In the clip, which follows Camila while she stays in the English countryside, the “Señorita” singer describes her songwriting process, and explains how she knows when a song is “finished.”

“You just know,” Camila says. “It’s like falling in love. You just know when you love that person, you know?”

“You can feel when the puzzle fits together, and it’s perfect and you’ve captured everything,” she continues. “You’ve painted everything like a perfect picture. And then you can tell when it’s off and you need to work more on it.”

Camila also describes herself as a “hopeless romantic” — “I love love,” she declares. That makes sense, given that her latest album is called Romantic.

All told, it takes 20 minutes to listen to Camila be asked all 73 questions. Should you need to hear all the answers, you can watch the entire video streaming now via Vogue‘s YouTube.

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