Bruno Mars To Perform At Charity Event At Dodger Stadium In June

Image Group LA/ABC

Bruno Mars will be headlining Dodger Stadium this June…but it’s not exactly a concert.

The Grammy-winning star is the main attraction at the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation’s annual charity event, the Blue Diamond Gala. The event at the stadium will feature a performance by Bruno, a dinner party, and post-show food trucks.

Mark Walter, one of the owners of the team, said, “We knew we had to bring in an absolute superstar to celebrate this occasion, and having Bruno Mars headlining the gala is above and beyond what we could have hoped for. We know this will be our most memorable event yet.”

The bash, now it its fifth year, raises money for local charities. This year, the proceeds will go to the Foundation’s RBI and Dreamfields programs, which together impact more than 300,000 kids.

RBI, which stands for Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities, is a youth development program that uses sports participation to increase youth access to education, literacy, health, and wellness. 

Dreamfields builds and refurbishes baseball and softball fields in under-served communities. The Foundation has pledged to build 25 more fields in the next 15 years.

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