Source: YouTube

More of Britney Spears’ personal stories from her memoir, The Woman In Me, out tomorrow (October 24). She goes into detail of the abortion by medication Spears endured at home with Justin Timberlake by her side, so nobody would find out. She didn’t even tell her family. She recalled lying on the bathroom floor for hours in pain while Justin strummed his guitar trying to comfort her.

After their split, Spears said she had a two week “brawl” with Colin Farrell. She said “we were all over each other, grappling so passionately it was like we were in a street fight.” Publicly, Farrell had referred to Spears as a friend saying they were “just mates.”

And she explains all the nude selfies she posts on Instagram, which were a big reason for the rift with her sons. “I know that a lot of people don’t understand why I love taking pictures of myself naked or in new dresses,” she writes. “But I think if they’d been photographed by other people thousands of times, prodded and posed for other people’s approval, they’d understand that I get a lot of joy from posting the way I feel sexy and taking my own picture.”