Source: YouTube

This bride shares a hilarious cute wedding picture book fail along with her mom…who made it. 

Nikki Hunt just got married and shared this hilariously cute wedding book fail on Tik Tok she got from her mom. She captioned the video: Moral of the story: the placeholder captions on Shutterfly do not delete themselves. Shutterfly even shared it! 


@shutterfly PSA: we do recommend changing those autofill photo book captions, even if the result is HILARIOUS! Cheers to @Niki’s amazing wedding album (but don’t worry, we’re helping her create a new one too) 😅 📚 #Wedding #Funny #Love #PhotoBook #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – Shutterfly

So mom didn’t change the captions…just the pictures in the picture book template. So the captions make zero sense with the pictures! She said, “our mother is single-handedly the most hilarious person we know, and it’s usually completely on accident,” “Favorite wedding gift EVER!!!”