Source: YouTube

A five-year-old boy from New York named Jordan Marotta was born without a left hand.  He never really let it slow him down…he plays baseball and does karate…but it had been getting more emotional lately as he wondered why his hand wasn’t growing. But now he’s all smiles and feeling like a superhero with a bionic arm that looks like Iron Man’s arm.  

Jordan’s prosthetic was molded to attach and detach from where his left arm ends — or what he and his family call his “nubby.”

It’s really amazing how it works too: electrodes and sensors detect muscle contractions and respond with appropriate hand and finger movements. It runs on a 14-hour, rechargeable battery and takes about a month to make. He’s the youngest person to have this kind of mechanical prosthetic. After getting his new Iron Man arm, they went to show his classmates, to grandma’s house, a scooter ride and to Chuck E. Cheese!