Source: YouTube

Did you see the solar eclipse yesterday?  Hopefully not by staring straight into it, which a lot of people DID DO, apparently.

Google searches for “my eyes hurt” skyrocketed right after the eclipse ended and peaked as the eclipse was maxing out on the East Coast. Searches for “Why do my eyes hurt?” were also up.  Answer:  Because you just stared at the sun, dummy.  If you DID stare at the eclipse, “The Weather Channel” posted a list of symptoms to look out for, like headaches, blurred vision, and a blind spot in one or both eyes.  The good news is it usually resolves on its own, especially if you only peeked for a few seconds.  But see an eye doctor if necessary.

Also, people have also been claiming to have “eclipse sickness,” even though there’s no evidence that’s a real thing.  Reported symptoms range from insomnia, fatigue, and no appetite . . . to one woman who claimed it knocked her off her menstrual cycle.

Another effect? Bonnie Tyler’s hit “Total Eclipse Of the Heart (Turn Around)” hit #1 on the U.S. iTunes chart!