Bobby’s Girlfriend Caitlin Shares Her Pet Peeves Of Things He Does At Home

The top 5 things included: Not doing the dishes, wasting electricity by leaving lights on, lounging (being lazy), eating someone else’s food, and having people at the house without giving a heads up. Everyone on the show that’s in relationships agreed with the majority of things on the list, having had the problem at least one time during their relationships.

Bobby asked his girlfriend Caitlin to share the things he does at the house that annoy her. She gave four things that didn’t necessarily annoy her, but frustrate her sometimes. These are the things Bobby does that are pet peeves to Caitlin:

  • He opens bags of food and doesn’t reseal them properly.
  • He doesn’t rinse his dishes off.
  • He sometimes doesn’t put the toilet seat down.
  • He brings up things that he does that are normal, everyday things to try and get props for them.