Billie Eilish slams YouTube impersonators: “Please stop doing this sh**”

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Billie Eilish has a new “bad guy” in her life and she’s anything but glad about it.  Turns out, people have been dressing up like the five-time Grammy Award winner for some YouTube pranks, which has the artist rightfully concerned.

Eilish took to her Instagram stories on Thursday and pleaded with her impersonators.  “Please stop doing this sh** it is not safe for you,” the 18-year-old cautions against a photo of one of her lookalikes.  “And it is mean to the people who don’t know any better.”

The “bury a friend” singer adds, “You make me look bad.”

To make a point, Eilish posted snapshots of a recent “pretending to be billie eilish” YouTube search in two follow-up photos to prove just how many there are.  The singer pleads in bold black letters in the second photo, “Stop.”

The pranks, to which some have gone viral, have a girl dress up like Eilish and walk around a public setting, like a boardwalk, to purposefully cause pandemonium. 

One video entitled “TURNED MY GIRL INTO BILLIE EILISH,” which touts nearly five and a half million views, says it resulted in their prank closing down an entire mall because it resulted in a mob.

Videos aside, there was one thing — above all else — that Eilish has the biggest problem with.  In one last photo of one of her impersonators, she zooms in on the baggy gym socks they’re wearing and quips, “Also soooo disrespectful that you’d go out pretending to be me wearing this.”

That prankster, Jordan Matter, has since publicly apologized to Eilish on Instagram.

That said, if you decide to dress up like Billie Eilish (in which she hopes you never do,) keep the tired-looking socks and the rest of the Eilish ensemble at home.

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