$13.1 million in wagers. That’s how much the Oregon Lottery has had in wagers since it launched. The Oregon Lottery Scoreboard app. So far it has been a success after a few minor issues when it launched.

Now comes word that one lucky sports predictor netted themselves $81,965. According to KGW The player correctly picked 15 Euroleague women and Eurocup women basketball league games. The Five dollar bet paid off big! It was the biggest payout on a single wager since the Oregon Lottery released its new online sports betting game last month.

Some other facts from the KGW article the biggest bet was $15,021 on the Spurs/Lakers game on Nov. 25. They lost the bet.

The Oregon Lottery has taken $13.1 million in sports wagers and paid out $12.1 million to winners. The average sports bet on Scoreboard is $22.