Beyonce’s ‘Renaissance’ is HERE!

Queen Bey dropped her new album on Friday and it wasn’t a surprise this time! ‘Renaissance’ is here and we’re playing our favorites all day long!

Here’s the track list!

1. ‘I’m That Girl’
2. ‘Cozy’
3. ‘Alien Superstar’
4. ‘Cuff It’
5. ‘Energy’
6. ‘Break My Soul’
7. ‘Church Girl’
8. ‘Plastic Off The Sofa’
9. ‘Virgo’s Groove’
10. ‘Move’
11. ‘Heated’
12. ‘Thique’
13. ‘All Up In Your Mind’
14. ‘America Has A Problem’
15. ‘Pure/Honey’
16. ‘Summer Renaissance’