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You may have seen this video of the Eastside Lady Spartans basketball team pranking their coach, Terri Funk. She comes running in yelling and spraying water in excitement as the team sits silent like their dog just died. Then they all burst into screaming and jumping for pure joy at their accomplishment.


@lexibcarter when we won the state championship and pulled a lil prank on coach.. 😭 #statechamps ♬ original sound – lex

Turns out it was a tough road to get there. Funk and her husband, Brock, had suffered a stillbirth of their first daughter, Atley, at 28 weeks. That loss and intense grief led Funk to consider taking her own life. Her husband scooped her out of a scalding shower and said they will get through this together, and immediately after that they were pregnant with their son Zeke.  A few years later came daughter Zoey.

Then Funk’s life came crashing down again in January of 2015 when Brock passed away from bacterial meningitis at just 28-years-old.  She dug into her faith to get her and her kids through and took the head coaching job at Eastside in 2022. They lost in the state championship that first year, then the leading scorer transferred to another school. And mid-season, another player was out for a month with an illness. She called the team into the locker room and said, “it’s okay…we’re still gonna win the state championship.” And they did.

She says, “We are all going to go through difficult things. The first thing you have to remember is you have a choice in whether you dwell in it, or whether you overcome.” She continued, “…I was able to overcome through the power of Jesus.”