Michael Parmalee/FX(NEW YORK) — The 71st Emmy Awards will air this Sunday night on Fox, and in the running in multiple categories is FX’s limited series Fosse/Verdon, starring Oscar winner Sam Rockwell and Oscar nominee Michelle Williams.

The series portrayed the tumultuous personal and professional relationship between legendary choreographer Bob Fosse and performer Gwen Verdon. Both Rockwell and Williams are nominated for playing the lead roles, and the show is nominated for an Outstanding Limited Series Emmy.

The Office alum Jake Lacy appears in Fosse/Verdon as Verdon’s boyfriend Ron.

“Man: the best!” Lacy said, summing up the experience for ABC Radio. “Sam — and Michelle as well. Just…warm and welcoming and talented for days and cool and chill and collaborative.”

He explained he came in halfway through the shoot, and credited the cast and crew with helping him “catch on and hang on” to the “moving train.”

“It’s just made all that easier when you have leads, and producers, and writers, and collaborators who are thoughtful…they’re just the coolest, man.”

Thanks to the nature of the relationship of Fosse and Verdon, Lacy got into some intense situations with Rockwell onscreen, but offscreen, Lacy says, he and Rockwell bonded.

“[There’s] this thing that’s like, ‘Don’t meet your heroes.’ And then, in the off chance that you…meet your hero and he’s actually the coolest guy — it like doesn’t get much better than that.”

“To just be like — they call ‘cut’ and [we’re] watching dumb YouTube videos, and Sam is trying to lasso a folding chair — it’s just the greatest, man…that’s as good as it gets.”  

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