Ariana Grande is Shameless.

She’s supporting The Shameless Fund, a charity initiative started by her Wicked co-star Jonathan Bailey, who’s probably best known for playing Lord Anthony Bridgerton in Bridgerton. The fund plans to raise cash through global brand collaborations, then use it to power grassroots LGBTQ+ nonprofits worldwide. 

The fund’s stated mission is to “forge a world where every LGBTQ+ person can live authentically, love freely and thrive without the burdens of discrimination, oppression or shame.” Bailey tells Vogue he wants the fund to “invite people to experience art and beautiful, inspiring, naughty, and exciting collaborations.”

The first collaboration is a T-shirt co-created by fashion brand Lowe, and the imagery is somewhat naughty. It features the slogan “drink your milk,” which is a line spoken by Matt Bomer in Bailey’s acclaimed miniseries Fellow Travelers.

Ariana models the T-shirt on her Instagram Story and writes to Bailey, “I am so incredibly proud of you and proud to support @theshamelessfund.”

And because Ari is vegan, she adds, “Drink your (almond) milk.”

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