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Ariana Grande Posts Brain-Scan Pics Showing She Has PTSD: “Hilarious And Terrifying”

Some stars post Instagram Stories showing off their pets, friends or latest purchases. Ariana Grande posts IG Stories that show off her brain.

Ari posted two photos on her Story, with the headline “Hilarious and terrifying.” The top photo showed a scan of a human brain, captioned “Healthy Brain,” side-by-side with another scan, captioned “PTSD.”

The bottom photo on Ari’s post showed four separate brain scans, all of which resembled the PTSD scan.  She captioned that one “My brain,” and wrote underneath, “not a joke.”

“PTSD” is posttraumatic stress disorder, a mental disorder that can develop after someone is exposed to traumatic events, such as war, sexual assault or threats on their person.

It’s not clear when the scans were done but it’s likely they took place some time after the terrorist bombing that killed 22 people outside Ariana’s concert in Manchester, England in 2017. Last year, Ariana told ELLE magazine that after the tragic event, she “cried endlessly and barely spoke for two days,” adding, “I had really wild dizzy spells, this feeling like I couldn’t breathe.”

“I would be in a good mood, fine and happy, and they would hit me out of nowhere,” she explained. “I’ve always had anxiety, but it had never been physical before. There were a couple of months straight where I felt so upside down.”

But Ariana is still focused on what’s happening in the present, like her headlining gig at Coachella this weekend. She also posted photo of a billboard on her IG Story that was paid for by her record label. It reads, “Hi Ari. Just wanted to say congrats on headlining Coachella. Loveyoubye. Republic Records.”

She captioned the image, “Thank you my family @republicrecords, so grateful for y’all.”

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